Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fishing Update - Chesapeake Bay Fishing for Trophy Striped Bass

2009 Fishing Update - March

Maryland's Trophy Striper season will be starting on April 18th.
Starting about April 1st Down Time Charters start fishing for the really big stripers moving up the Bay. These fish concentrate in the mid-Bay areas and warm water discharges of the various power plants on the Chesapeake. We will be targeting these fish in the mid-Bay area from Breezy Pt.
The big fish have already started to move into Bay with some hardy fisherman doing Catch and Release trips just to get out on the water. Some reports are coming in about surf casters catching stripers from the beach at Sandy Pt.
Big baits equal Big Fish.

During this early pre-season, trolling for these Trophy Stripers can be very productive. I try to down size and use lighter tackle than during the catch and keep season. We can usually stop and fight the fish one-on-one with less lines out and lighter gear.
When schooled up and the fish feed on herring and alewives in the bay, large Gulls and Petrels will feed on the bait being chased. These birds will let you know where the fish are. Following the birds can be exciting on these really big Striped Bass. Switching from trolling to meadium action spin tackle and casting jigs on these fish can be World Class Fishing.

I'll be posting fishing reports over the next weeks.
Hope you can join me on the Down Time and enjoy this fantastic fishing on the Chesapeake.

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