Sunday, January 05, 2014

Reuse those sassy shads

  Reuse your sassy shads

After a season of shads being cut up, I wanted to figure out something to do with these shads. The lead and hook can easily be reused for one the best jig heads. 

I always keep these shads that had tails cut off or the nose was busted up from bottom bouncing.

Here is a easy way to use these left over jig heads.

Step 1: strip off all the old rubber shad from the hook and weight. Try to just wipe down to remove as much of the old coatings and rubber shad.

 Step 2: strip and clean up the naked lead heads. I use my outside grill to heat and also cleanup the old shad heads. Using the flame on the grill burns off  any old residue left on the lead and hook. Do not use your kitchen or any cooking oven.

Step 3: The coated lead head can now be cleaned  and prepped for powder coating.

Pro-tec powder coating the exposed lead is the best coloring solution. You can powder coat your lead heads with any color such as white or chartreuse.

Step 4: Now match the coated lead head with a new shad tail, BKD or any of your favorite rubber tail.
Gulp and the other scented baits, shad, mullet, shrimp work great.