Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chesapeake bay fishing report 7/31/2012

Lots of nice stripers continue to feed on the flood tide. Trolled up an early morning limit with rock up to 26"'s  for the Keller family.
Cow nosed rays continue to prowl the area, with one big ray hooked.
Finished out the morning with a limit of Rock, loads of big Perch and lots of smiles.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report 7/30/2012 Stripers and Rays

Today I had a visting family from Wisconsin. With a good looking day, low winds and cloudy, we started trolling off the Magothy with the start of a strong ebb tide.
Hooked up after a about 5 minutes on a nice 23" rock that  we put in the box.

13 year old Tyler,  is an avid fisherman and had never caught any big fish, so he was really excited to bringing in the first 23" Rock.

 Started talking about the bigger fish like Cow Nosed Rays and Drum being caught in the area. Tyler was really hoping to get into a big ray, now that he knew how to handle the trolling rods. We worked our way into Podicory Point shallows. One pass and we  hooked into a big ray that started striping line. Tyler jumped to the rod and held on. This Ray seemed exceptionally big, so we cleared all the rods and tried to chase it down for a  good photo opportunity.Almost got to it when the line went slack. Great fun for about 10 minutes. Tyler is now really excited about catching a really big fish.

Trolled up several more Rock in the 22" - 25" class.
Birds were working on breaking rock on the shorelines in 3' to 5', and since we had the lines in the boat, we went to jigging on the working birds and smaller rocks. The first cast at breaking fish produced a feisty 15" rock. Tyler kept talking about catching a really big fish.

Bam! Tyler hooks up something big.. A very large ray gulped the small bucktail and the fight was on. This was a big ray about 40+ lbs and it ran to the boat for a quick release and some great photos. That was easy.
We worked the breaking fish for another hour, while some small rock feed on small shiners in the shallows.

Bam! Tyler hooks into another bigger ray. This one decides it's going for deep water. Tyler holds on and does a fantastic job of tiring the 50 lb ray. We chased this one down and brought it up the boat for some photos.

Finished the morning with some great memories and some good tasting fillets for the grill.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Steamed Perch - Chinese style recipe

Steamed Perch - Chinese Style Easy catching and easy fixing for a great tasting meal.

Perch are easy to steam in fry pan or pot with steamer rack . Slice perch lightly to keep perch from curling when steamed. Place perch on steamer rack over a layer scallions. Top fish with thin slices of ginger and sesame seeds. Steam till meat is flaky When done pour heated soy sauce and fish sauce lightly over fish.

Serve with several Chinese dipping sauces.

Rated b+... Just gotta do better on getting all the scales off.
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fishing report 7/28

Fishing continues good even with the heat wave with nice rock .
Best fish were  hitting trolled small bucktails and #15 Tony's.
Nuila Family Charter
Fished the Podicory Pt area from Baltimore Light to Sandy Pt with good success on the moving ebb tide.
Nuila Family Charter